May 14, 2013

In My Mailbox: Ninjutsu Master

Hoarding is like getting out of your daily nightmare but it seems that my addiction is gradually losing. Does it mean I’m ready to face my nightmare? Sounds good to me and I think saving money is the next best thing. I went to my usual favorite spot and bought a book while waiting for my mom to take her regular weekly groceries. I know, we consume too much goods per week and I’m hoping that coupons are available in the Philippines or my mom would be the next extreme couponer.
  1. Dancing to “Almendra” by Mayra Montero, t. Edith Grossman – I only bought this because it reminds me of the Diversity Challenge the Flippers are currently hosting. I still need South American author but I have Llosa, Marquez and Fuentes on my list yet the price is tempting. Of course, I also notice Edith Grossman and her credibility of translating famous Spanish works. Well, she did great with Marquez’s and Llosa’s books if I could still remember reading Marquez’s Memories of My Melancholy Whores and Llosa’s positive Goodreads’ community reviewers. [₱35.00; Booksale – KCC Mall of Marbel; May 6, 2013]
The truth, I was in a hurry because I don’t want my mom see me buying books again. Sometime I really have to hide but I know, she knows, that I can’t go to the nearest mall without entering any bookstores. Besides, I did purchase books last week. Being a hoarder is like being a ninja without noticing that you are in fact a natural master of ninjutsu.


  1. Of course, mothers always know.
    But congratulations on your book-hoarding-control attempts.

    1. I'm trying and so far, it's working.
      Hope you had a great summer with your family mommy.


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